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Pervushov E.M., Ryabov I.P., Guzhikov A.Yu., Vishnevskayac V.S., Kopaevich L.F., Guzhikova A.A., Kalyakin E.A., Fomin V.A., Seltser V.B., Ilinskii E.I., Mirantsev G.V., Proshina P.A. (2019) TuronianConiacian Deposits of the Kamennyi Brod-1 Section (Southern Ulyanovsk-Saratov Trough) // Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation. Vol. 27. No. 7. Pp. 804839.

The most stratigraphically representative section of TuronianConiacian in the right-bank part of the Volga region is found at the Kamennyi Brod-1 section (Olkhovka district of Volgograd oblast). The subdivision of carbonate rocks into zones is based on the complexes of benthic foraminifera and other accompanying groups of invertebrates. Regressive-transgressive tendencies in the evolution of the TuronianConiacian basin is also reflected in the quantitative ratio between benthic and planktonic foraminifera. The earlier unknown representatives of Turonian and Coniacian marine biota are revealed: silicon sponges, crinoids, starfish, brittle stars, and brachiopods. The magnetostratigraphic (magnetopolar and petromagnetic) characteristic of the section is obtained, and the magnetic zone of anomalous polarity is revealed against the background of normal polarity (N). It is supposed that anomalous directions of magnetization represent the stabilized vector sum of oppositely directed components, one of which (corresponding to reverse polarity) is the primary one.