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Arkadiev V., Lescano ., Concheyro A., Guzhikov A., Baraboshkin E. (2019) The calcareous nannofossils and magnetostratigraphic results from the Upper TithonianBerriasian of Feodosiya region (Eastern Crimea) // Geologica Carpathica, 70, 4. P. 355369

This article is concerned with nannofossil study of TithonianBerriasian sediments of Eastern Crimea. The NJT 16, NJT 17a, NJT 17b, NKT, and NK 1 nannofossil zones were determined. The occurrence of Nannoconus kamptneri minor, one of the potential marker-types of the TithonianBerriasian boundary (the base of the NKT Zone) of the Tethyan sequence in the Feodosiyan section is assigned here to the Pseudosubplanites grandis ammonite Subzone and the magnetic Chron M18n. The base of the NKT Zone is closer to the Grandis Subzone base than to the base of the jacobi Subzone. Contradictions in the interpretation of magnetic chrons obtained by the present authors (Arkadiev et al. 2018) and by Bakhmutov et al. (2018) might be caused by mistakes admitted in the latter work on the compiled section.